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Photography: More Than Just Pictures

Photography is… Art is the communication of a message through symbols. Drawing, painting and sculpting are some of the most historically prominent forms of Artwork being a part of society for thousands of years.  Over the past two centuries though, … Continue reading

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Why Do I Need an SD Card?

The Holidays are coming and if you’re buying someone a new digital camera listen up: please…please do not forget the SD Card. I know from experience, and it is frustrating to get this shiny new toy and then not be … Continue reading

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Clouds that compute?

What is Cloud Computing? As technology continues to become more and more embedded in our business work-flow; cloud computing is quickly becoming a vital part. Whether you are a college student, producer, or even a lawyer, aspects like data storage … Continue reading

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Pirates v. Congress = Bad for us

Are the days of illegally downloading  or ‘torrenting’ music, video and other forms of media coming to an end? The tension is heating up as Congress is moving closer to giving power to the Department of Justice to enforce copyright … Continue reading

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