My name is Kyle.

Salud! Thank you for stopping into DSLR Cinematics. This blog is dedicated to the growing field of video production using DSLR Cameras. Providing a historical overview, product descriptions, and cinematic tips and tricks, this blog is a multifaceted source for DSLR video information.

I found my passion for video production while I was in College, instantly falling in love with the ability to communicate through motion pictures. After time I have been able to turn my passion into a career, both professionally and freelance. Throughout the different productions I have always striven for a ‘professional’ product. The rapidly expanding approach of DSLR video is an industry changing concept that is going to became an aspiring videographers answer to a getting a high quality, ‘professional product.

I hope you enjoy, feel free to leave a comment!

-Kyle Howland

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On the set of 'Get Funny'

On the set of 'Under the Lights'

On the set of 'Listening to Trane'


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